Tuesday, January 30, 2018

CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

"CDC supports adolescent and school health efforts using state-of-the-art monitoring systems designed to collect, analyze, and disseminate data on youth risk behaviors and school health policies and practices.
CDC is committed to protecting and improving the health and quality of life of adolescents. Our nation’s state and local education agencies and schools are significant partners in the effort to not only protect the health of adolescents, but to also help educate them on how to live a healthy life now and as they grow into adulthood.
Information is gathered on youth health risk behaviors and school health policies and practices to help public health and education professionals identify national, state, and local youth health risk behaviors and develop school health programs, policies, and practices. This type of information is of interest to a variety of audiences (e.g., school board members, school administrators, teachers, parents, legislators, community health organizations) and can be used to focus efforts on improving the health of youth, tracking progress over time, and assessing program effectiveness..."

Youth Risk Survey

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