Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can your baby hear you say “I love you?”

"Find out why hearing screening is important, how to get your baby screened, and what to do with the results. Also included are helpful resources for parents.
Thousands of babies are born deaf or hard of hearing each year in the United States. Babies diagnosed early with hearing loss and begun on intervention are more likely to reach their full potential. The best way to find out if your baby may be deaf or hard of hearing is by a simple hearing test, also called hearing screening.

Why is a hearing screening important for my baby?

Starting from day 1, babies begin to learn language skills by listening to and interacting with those around them. If babies miss these opportunities, their language development can be delayed. Many times, children’s hearing loss is not obvious and can go unnoticed for months or even years.
Hearing screening at birth can determine if your baby may have a hearing loss and if more tests are needed. Early diagnosis is essential to help babies who are deaf or hard of hearing reach their full potential. Early diagnosis allows families to make decisions about the intervention services that are best for their baby’s needs. Early diagnosis of hearing loss and beginning intervention helps to keep children’s development on track and improve their future language and social development..."
Baby hearing

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