Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Islamic State—Frequently Asked Questions: Threats, Global Implications, and U.S. Policy Responses

"When addressing threats emanating from the Islamic State (IS), numerous strategy and operational considerations arise that might be of interest to U.S. policymakers, especially in the wake of the deadly November 13, 2015, terrorist attacks in Paris. IS activities and U.S. and coalition party policy and operational responses are an amalgam of complex, and at times competing, challenges. Since the establishment of IS, its strategic objectives and tactical activities have evolved, gaining strength in some areas and having its capability degraded in others. U.S. and other nations’ responses continue to evolve as the threat posed by IS changes. Contained in this report are short answers to related frequently answered questions. Each section contains references to CRS reports that address the question in greater detail. This report will be updated as additional products become available and events warrant..."
Islamic State

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