Thursday, March 29, 2018

Federal Trae Comission Cigarette Report 2016

 This report is the latest in a series on cigarette sales, advertising, and promotion that the Federal Trade Commission (“Commission”) has prepared since 1967.

The tables appended to this report provide information on domestic cigarette sales and advertising and promotional activity by the largest manufacturers.
The 2016 sales and expenditure information in the tables was compiled from data contained in special reports submitted to the Commission pursuant to compulsory process by the parent companies of the major manufacturers of cigarettes sold in the United States: Altria Group, Inc.; ITG Holdings USA Inc.; Reynolds American, Inc.; and Vector Group Ltd.2

The total number of cigarettes reported sold by the major manufacturers, 240.5 billion in 2016, decreased by 3.7 billion units (1.5 percent) from 2015. Advertising and promotional expenditures increased during that same period, from $8.304 billion to $8.706 billion. The largest single category of these expenditures in 2016 was price discounts paid to cigarette retailers in order to reduce the price of cigarettes to consumers, which accounted for $5.806 billion (66.7 percent of total advertising and promotional expenditures.."
Cigarette report

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