Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stay Active and Heathy in the New Year

"The holiday season is coming to a close, and for many of us that can mean "recovering" from all of the rich foods that accompany this time of year and starting to think about our goals for the year ahead. Follow these tips to get your New Year off to a healthy start.

1. Stay active.

Being active is your secret weapon in the New Year. It can help make up for eating more than usual and has many other health benefits. Walking is a great way to be active. Try these tips to incorporate more walking into your activities:
  • Skip the search for a close-up parking spot. Park farther away and walk to your destination.
  • Make a few extra laps around the mall. Walk the length of the mall before going into any stores. The mall is also a good place to walk to avoid bad weather.
  • Start your work day by taking the stairs. Remember to stretch your legs and take short physical activity breaks throughout the day..."

Stay active

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