Monday, August 7, 2017

Federal Research Action Plan: Status Report on Crumb Rubber

"Researchers at EPA are currently evaluating the samples to characterize the chemical make-up of tire crumbs. An additional study activity will gather activity data from people who regularly perform activities on turf fields. Collection of tire crumb samples from fields and recycling facilities is complete. Tire crumb samples were gathered from nine tire crumb recycling plants, 19 fields located on US Army installations and 21 community fields across the U.S. The analysis of the samples is currently underway. Fields included both outdoor and indoor fields. To protect privacy, the specific locations of the fields being sampled cannot be released.
EPA, ATSDR, and CPSC have engaged various stakeholder groups through a number of outreach activities including webinars, conference calls, in-person meetings, and a public comment process. Stakeholder outreach efforts were targeted to the public as well as specific stakeholder groups such as government organizations (other federal agencies, state agencies, local government and international government), industry and non-profit/interest groups.
The Synthetic Turf Fields with Tire Crumb Rubber Infill Research Protocol document which is providing guidance for the studies has been extensively reviewed, including an external peer-review and an Institutional Review Board review, and the document is now final. One of the main research activities is gathering tire crumb samples from tire crumb manufacturing plants and from fields across the country. The data collection for the tire crumb samples and analysis went through a public comment period and an Information Collection Requestreview conducted by the Office of Management and Budget. Peer-review and public comments are publicly available on the OMB’s website..."

Crumb Rubber

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