Friday, May 26, 2017

Gypsy Moths Want to Devour Your Favorite Destinations

"Memorial Day Weekend means hitting the road for many of us – vacations, camping, or even moving to a new home. But watch out for an invasive pest that also enjoys new destinations—the destructive gypsy moth. Gypsy moth caterpillars can defoliate, weaken and kill more than 300 different species of trees and shrubs. Since 1970, more than 83 million acres have been defoliated by the gypsy moth in the U.S.
This destructive insect is always interested in a free ride to new locales where its caterpillars can feast.  And Americans are on the move in May—that’s why it’s National Moving Month—giving gypsy moths plenty of opportunities to spread.
Residential moves account for 85 percent of all new gypsy moth infestations, and approximately 40 million Americans will relocate their households this year. Slowing the movement of the gypsy moth is the reason the U.S. Department of Agriculture asks homeowners to inspect for and remove gypsy moth egg masses from household goods before they move from an infested area to a non-infested area..."
Gypsy moths

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