Monday, March 27, 2017

Epilepsy Can Follow Traumatic Brain Injury

"It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month and March 26 was Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness! Did you know that traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause epilepsy?
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can happen to anyone, especially young children and older adults. TBIs can range from mild TBIs (such as concussions) to severe, life-threatening injuries. They can cause problems such as changes in:
  • Thinking and memory;
  • Sensations and balance;
  • Language, such as talking and understanding; and
  • Emotions, such as depression, anxiety, or aggression.1
TBIs can also cause epilepsy.
Epilepsy is a broad term used for a brain disorder that causes re-occuring seizures. There are many types of epilepsy and there are also many different kinds of seizures. TBIs can cause a seizure right after the injury happens or even months or years later. Researchers agree that the more severe the TBI, the greater the chance the person may develop epilepsy.2 Factors such as age and other medical conditions also influence the chance a person may develop epilepsy after a TBI..."

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