Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Kids in the House: A Historical Look at Adults Living Without Children

"Over the last 50 years, the percentage of adults living without children has climbed 19 percentage points from 52.5 percent in 1967 to 71.3 percent today based on an analysis of Current Population Survey data.
The Current Population Survey holds a wealth of information on the state of American families. We know that the population is aging, and that fertility is not as high as it was some decades ago, but how does this affect the composition of the group of adults who do not live with children in their home? In this blog, we highlight the historical changes among adults who do not have children in the home using data from CPS.
A higher proportion of all adults live without children in their home now than in 1967.
Among the 64.7 million adults living without children in 1967, 59 percent shared their household with a spouse. Another 11 percent identified as an adult child of the householder, and 14 percent as living in some other arrangement, such as with a boarder or roommate. Another 14 percent lived alone and less than 1 percent lived with an unmarried partner..."
Adults without children

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