Monday, December 19, 2016

A Holiday Get Together: Cooking for Friends and Family

"The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends. Office parties, holiday buffets and potluck dinners offer great opportunities to exchange gifts and goodwill. But if food is not properly handled, they can also be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria that causes foodborne illnesses. Following the recommendations below will help keep foodborne bacteria off of your menu.
Shopping for Your Feast
  • Separate raw meat, poultry and seafood from other foods when placing them in your shopping cart, packing them in grocery bags and storing them in your refrigerator.
  • Buy cold foods last and plan to drive directly home from the grocery store. Take a cooler with ice or frozen gel packs for perishables and always refrigerate food within two hours (one hour if the surrounding temperature is above 90 °F)...."
    Holiday cooking

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